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Sound Lab

Sound Solutions

The art of sound



Capture your audio with world class precision and clarity


Our High-end podcast and live streaming studio are available for your creative needs.


Our experienced engineers provide top-quality sound and professional guidance.


Our rehearsal space is the perfect creative space for practicing, writing, and playing music


Mastering makes your mixes louder, more transparent, wider, and balanced according to your technical specifications


Our small but intimate event venue offers a living room-style lobby and cafe area configured in a meeting, conference, or cocktail party style.

Instrument Training

Piano and guitar lessons designed for beginner and intermediate level students. Our instructors will have you playing your favorite songs quickly.

Studio Training

Our Music Tech program teaches students to produce and engineer their compositions in a professional studio setting

Music Therapy

Our Music Therapy program assists youths who struggle academically, socially, or mentally. Contact us for more information.

Why Eq Labs Europe?

Enhance your frequencies


We make doing business easy

Experience & Skill

20+ years experience

Customer Focus

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