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About Us

Classic Feel. Modern Sound

Located on the shores of Oresund Bay in the tranquil city of Landskrona, EQ Labs Europe is surrounded by art galleries, beautiful restaurants,  shops, and the finest bars in Landskrona. The studio offers an unparalleled creative space that is energizing, inspirational and relaxing. Musicians who record here can focus wholly on performance and their unique artistic vision, free from the interference and the demands of their daily lives. Whether you want to write, record or mix, our studio is the perfect hideaway.

Design by The Parham's, Leif Tordelius, & Marette Eriksson.


Universal Audio

The studio features a versatile recording area and a state-of-the-art control room centered around a Universal Apollo ecosystem. UAD Luna is the main workstation, utilizing the 32 ins and outs on the UAD and Dangerous Audio converters. So whether you want to mix in analog, digital, or a 50/50 mix, it's all at your fingertips.

Monitoring Design

The control room is centered around our ITB hybrid digital/analog primary monitoring system. This technology allows exceptional low-frequency response with no coloration, fantastic tonal balance at all levels, and higher SPLs without compression or fatigue. The team also worked closely with the designers to ensure that the room the Equator Q10s were put in was adequately tuned and balanced.

Live Vibe

The control room looks out into the live room, which houses the piano, drumkits, and a good selection of guitar amps. In the rear of the control room is an isolation booth which can be used for vocals or isolating guitar amps.